Linko Education Hackathons



Linko Education Hackathons



In Linko Education Hackathons we use our pedagogical understanding to support individuals to reach their absolute best together. This is our strength and ultimate super power compared to other hackathons.




A hackathon is an innovation event, usually lasting from one to three days, during which the participants hack (i.e. create solutions to) challenges set by real life organisations and businesses. 

The hackathon participants create concept level solutions in small interdisciplinary teams. The concepts are pitched at the end of the event and the best ones are given a chance for further development.


Linko × Dare to Learn
Education Hackathon

4–6 September 2017
Kaapelitehdas, Helsinki

The fall hackathon will be held on September 4th to 6th together with a partner that will make your socks spin! 


LINKO + Heureka
education hackathon

21–23 April 2017
Heureka Science Center, Vantaa

On spring 2017 Linko kicked in big time together with Heureka Science Center. Hackathon focused on uniting science, joy of learning and entertainment. Challenges were set by Heureka and Lupo Space Adventure learning game. We had close to 60 participants together with 20 awesome volunteers.


LINKO Workshop
For Shift Volunteers

25 February 2017
Shift, Turku

Linko had a workshop on encountering the participants and customer relations for Shift Business Festival volunteers. 

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With Opetusvirasto

28 March 2017
Opetusvirasto, Helsinki

We had the honor of piloting Linko One Day Hackathon with Opetusvirasto. The challenge of this hackathon was to improve the ePortfolio tool.

Linko Education HAckathon

14–16 October 2016
Aalto Design Factory, Espoo

In the fall 2016 Linko had its first Education Hackathon. The hackathon was held at Aalto Design Factory in Otaniemi, and had over 60 participants from four different cities and ten different fields of study. Challenges for our first Linko Education Hackathon were set by Claned Group and Sulaton Oy.

Thank you for your wonderfully organized event, your catchy team spirit and joyful attitude. It’s hard not to smile when thinking of the Linko experience.
— Participant of Linko + Heureka Education Hackathon