Three years ago I had a completely different idea of entrepreneurship. It doesn’t belong to schools, I thought. This changed radically when I realized I was an entrepreneur myself.

Now the way I see it is that entrepreneurship is a viable way towards self-fulfilment and making a change in the world. One could argue it’s a tool to actualize your dreams, personal or communal.

When I think of entrepreneurship, these three values come to my mind first:

Collaboration skills and teamwork – No one person can take care of everything. You need teamwork based on individual strengths.

Persistence and innovativeness – You don’t give up the moment the shit hits the fan. Challenges are doors for innovating something new.

Desire to impact the world – Creating a product or service that brings added value to people.

More than a few people studying education have told me that they do not recognize the term entrepreneurship education. There was no mention of it during my own studies to become a teacher. With Linko and Suomen Yrittäjät (The Federation of Finnish Enterprises), we wanted to provide an opportunity to get to know what it is all about, to get real-life experience and confidence in it in one’s own field of work.

It is noteworthy that entrepreneurship education is a much broader term than simply working as an entrepreneur. It consists of an individual who is active and unprompted, an entrepreneurial learning environment, training, and a network that supports entrepreneurship.

The mission of this education is to strengthen your development as an entrepreneur into a way of working where your attitude and enthusiasm joins forces with your high-level knowledge and hands-on skills. Entrepreneurship education, as a term, includes also entrepreneurship training. This comprehensive training focuses on positive attitude, the basics of being an entrepreneur, and entrepreneurial ways of acting.

Please feel welcome to join the upcoming course to learn about entrepreneurship and the kind of pedagogy that goes with it, as well as to get acquainted with existing businesses working in the xEdu business accelerator! The course is held in Finnish. Enrollment ends on November 4th, so act quick!

Pic: Fanny Carolina Mobarac