Last weekend, 17.-19.2.2017, over 2,300 teacher students from all around Finland gathered once again to celebrate the traditional SOOLin Talvipäivät, this time in Savonlinna. Of course, LINKO was there on the razzle too. The celebration of Talvipäivät started with the opening event in Savonlinna Market Square where hundreds of teacher students kept the cold away by dancing. The first night’s party continued till the very morning but nevertheless a lot of people came on Saturday to the winter happening in Heikinpohja field. In the happening there were, for example, sausage grilling and a snow soccer tournament. LINKO had also arranged an event called Lumilinko for the winter happening. Lumilinko included a three-minute mini-hackathon and a wheel of fortune. 

Team LINKO had just started to wander around the winter happening when the first group of students wanted to spin the wheel of fortune. In order to do that, they had to participate in a mini-hackathon first. In the hackathon, a group was given a random Wikipedia article of which content they had to teach by using snow as an educational tool. And, of course, they had to pitch their teaching idea to the LINKO judges. Our hackathons are divided in three parts which are combine, define, and refine. In the Lumilinko mini-hackathon there was only one minute’s time to do each and the idea was not to take the hackathon too seriously. All in all, the mini-hackathon was a fun and playful way to test the hackathon concept, and to hear more about LINKO. After taking part in the mini-hackathon, the participants got to spin the Lumilinko wheel of fortune where they could win cool LINKO related prizes. 

In the Lumilinko mini-hackathon, we met a lot of great people and saw their creative solutions for teaching totally random things with snow. The people we met were really interested to hear about us, and we got to practice our pitching skills when we told inquisitive teacher students about LINKO. Togetherness, one of LINKO’s values, was strongly present in our Lumilinko event, and we made a lot of new friends in Savonlinna. I hope that we see you all in the LINKO spring hackathon in April!

Alma Holm
Partnerships assistant