I have been given the great honor of writing the first LINKO blogpost ever! Today I’m going to tell you how I became part of the LINKO family, and how we started our journey with LINKO2017 on a kickoff day last Saturday.

My own journey with LINKO started last fall when I noticed something totally new and random on my Facebook feed. An event about education hackathon made me super curious, and I decided to participate. I hadn’t even heard about hackathons before, but the whole concept sounded ingenious, and the education twist made it totally my thing.

I have to say that the first LINKO hackathon surpassed all my high expectations! It really was pure magic. The whole weekend was a rollercoaster out of my comfort zone. I don’t think I have ever learned so much in just three days. The whole hackathon vocabulary (pitching, benchmarking, etc.) was all new to me. My teamwork skills expanded when working so closely with total strangers (my team included three persons I had never met before) and my resistance to pressure improved with all the stress of the tight schedule. Even though it was a tough weekend, the warm and inspiring atmosphere, and the great feeling of exceeding ourselves with my team, leaved me wanting more. I randomly met LINKO’s founders Riina and Solja at a pre-Christmas party in December, and asked if there was any need for volunteers. And there was! Now I’m part of LINKO’s marketing team, and I can’t wait for the upcoming events.

I hadn’t actually met anyone from the LINKO team personally except Solja and Riina before last Saturday. I have to admit that I was a bit nervous when I entered the co-founder Olli’s apartment for LINKO’s kickoff day. My nervousness disappeared right away when I saw what a bubbly and outgoing group we had there! We broke the ice (well, as if there was any) with a little warm-up game, and discussed LINKO’s values and background.

After that we moved to Riina’s place right next door, and started to think about concrete things that we want to do in LINKO and how we are going to do those things. It was so great to see how similar views we all have: enthusiasm, inspiration, togetherness, and courage were all words that recurred constantly in our speeches and plans. I have to say that I’m blown away by the group of talented and passionate people we have here making LINKO. Just this one kickoff day convinced me that we have an amazing adventure ahead of us.

So, stay tuned, great things are coming! 

Roosa Supinen
Marketing assistant